Learning Technology Partners (LTP) is a San Francisco Bay Area based integration SaaS company dedicated to giving smaller schools the State of The Art technological means to compete successfully in the e-education market. LTP brings together a powerful suite of on-demand hosted academic technologies, iCampus360, into a single user interface for its clients. iCampus360 gives schools a turnkey solution and an inherent technological advantage that frees their time and resources for focusing on their core competency - strengthening and growing their educational programs.

Founded in 2003, in response to the demand for a fully integrated hosted solution, LTP provides academic institutions economical access to affordable world-class technologies for a few dollars per student per month, based on an average student body mix.

At Learning Technology Partners, we are committed to helping you build a rich, powerful, online education program and a better back office operation for your entire campus. After all, your success is our success. Couple our years of eLearning experience, advanced technology, and staff of dedicated people with your instructors and student body and you have all the ingredients of a successful online program.

LTP Solution

Today, we feature on-demand Cloud accessed SaaS applications, fully integrated offered to academic institutions seeking to update their technologies to compete and meet students' expectations and demands. Our turn-key solution is the only SaaS fully integrated Cloud service, providing for the needs of small to mid-sized academic institutions. Our solution is accessible to the entire school's community via a web single user interface.

This solution of on-demand education applications has been broken down to three distinctive but integrated and complimentary modular groups, Academic, Administrative, & Communications.

Our academic support modules address a complete range of academic needs including; blended learning, distance education, augmentation of traditional classroom learning, and a self-paced module for non-academic courses.

Our administrative support modules completely fulfill the small school's needs for technology, including both administration and student support. These modules are designed to manage students/school relationship from recruitment to alumni management.

Our communications modules create a learning community for students, faculty, alumni and staff using eProfile and private social network as a framework for creating a cohesive user friendly environment conducive to better education and interrelationship and collaboration amongst students and faculty all using a single user web-accessible interface.