Statement of Purpose

LTP’s culture permeates our people, environment, and solutions. Before you consider partnering with LTP, we think it's important that you know where the company stands, with regards to:

  • The way we work with each other
  • The way we work with our customers
  • The goals we want to accomplish together

At LTP, we think these values are important, so we committed them to writing for all to see. LTP exists to make learning via the Internet innovative, predictable, secure, and scalable

  • enabling Educators to extend and re-invent their eLearning infrastructure for the global delivery of networked Learning applications, improving cost, quality, and eliminating time to market,
  • by offering products and services that are already implemented, integrated and easily managed,
  • while capitalizing on existing innovative technologies, networks and data centers intelligence, know-how, long experience in eLearning, and collaborative relationships both inside and outside the company,
  • leveraging our experience, our assets, core competency focus, and economy of scales to minimize charges to our clients,

which result in superior customer satisfaction and a desirable place to work.

Guiding Principles

LTP will always:

  • work as a team to understand, anticipate, and satisfy customer and marketplace needs, while responding to customers with world-class service.
  • maintain the security of customer information and ensure their trust in us.
  • foster a work environment that attracts, challenges, motivates, and retains high caliber employees.
  • demonstrate professionalism and respect for employees, customers, business partners, and competitors.
  • pursue innovation to continually improve customer value.
  • conduct our business with the highest level of ethics, integrity, and fair competitive practices.
  • communicate openly and honestly.
  • measure our progress and deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders, while striving for excellence in all we do.

LTP will never:

  • dismiss ideas from any source without consideration.
  • promise what we cannot deliver.
  • violate the trust of customers, clients, business partners, or employees.
  • not be true to our Statement of Purpose and Guiding Principles.

It is our daily commitment to these guiding principles that enables us to fulfill our purpose as a second-generation organization.