Our mission is to assist small institutions in their effort to counter the digital divide. By providing them with a Digital Campus, small institutions enjoy an environment in which:

  • support systems
  • faculty
  • staff
  • prospective students
  • existing students
  • and learning community

interact seamlessly to learn, teach, administrate, and communicate better. LTP will provide you with a hosted environment to manage the intertwined data flow in the student/school relationship.

We recognize that one suite of technologies does not fit all of the different and unique needs for each individual institution. Our on-demand applications are provided in a building block modules. LTP will work with your institution to customize a solution to accommodate your unique needs and budget.

As your needs change and grow applications to address these needs can be added on-demand. Our comprehensive array of applications will enable your institution to choose the right technologies for your particular needs at the time.

Through our on-demand applications and services, you can bring all your support systems together to meet the challenges facing higher education today:

Competitiveness - Ensure the institution can effectively compete in an evolving world: Attract, support, and retain students and faculty; create superior environments for learning, teaching, and research; cultivate and promote the institution's competitive advantages.

Meeting students' demands - Students' demands and expectations of internet use have raised the technology bar to new levels.

Accountability and compliance - Improve performance and outcomes: Cross-organization data access, reporting and decision support; support for regulatory and compliance requirements; improved outcomes in learning, teaching, administration and research.

Community service and relationships - Meet constituents' increasing expectations for personalized service and access:

  • Anytime, anywhere access.
  • Real-time convenience and service.
  • Increased value and effectiveness for all stakeholders.
  • Delivery of personalized education experiences and improved retention and completion rates.

Efficiencies - Do more with less: Streamline processes; enhance efficiency and productivity; cost-effectively broaden services and reach; extend the value of existing investments.